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Latest Articles

1: Noticed Motions
A noticed motion is a court-compatible document usually served (noticed) on the affected parties.

2: Becoming A Process Server
You cannot serve legal papers related to yourself or your business.

3: Dirt Or Gold Judgments
Judgments and leads on them can be dirt or gold, depending on who the judgment debtor is.

4: Inverse Condemnation
Inverse condemnation also includes damaging property. To be compensated, the property owner often must sue the government.

5: Notice Of Levy
A "Notice of Levy" procedure can be used for final money judgments, and also for cases where a judgment (or settlement) has not been reached yet.

6: Tire Kicking Creditors
here are too many shoppers and tire kickers out there!

7: Collateral Estoppel
Res judicata may be used as a defense in a second lawsuit, which involves the same claims as the prior lawsuit.

8: Lien Priority
There can be several liens on a property at the same time.

9: Serving In The Courtroom
It is not a good idea to serve someone in a courtroom while the judge is there because judges hate it.

10: Copying Court Records
It sure would be more time and cost effective if you could use a camera or a scanner.