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Latest Articles

1: ACH Judgment Payments
What matters most is that you get paid, and ACH can be a valid way to be paid.

2: Judgment Enforcers And Credit Reports
When Can You Pull A Credit Report?

3: Credit Reports And Judgments
Now, the credit bureaus no longer take action on judgments sent to them by individuals.

4: Priority Of Tax Liens
What if you receive a letter from the county treasurer, advising you of a "Notice of Sale of Tax-Defaulted Property"?

5: Levying IRAs
What if your debtor has a non-ERISA IRA retirement account, can it be levied?

6: Federal Writs
In my experience, it is fairly easy to get another writ in some other federal court.

7: Judgments And Trusts
What if you learn that your judgment debtor is a beneficiary of their parent's trust?

8: Becoming A Certified Fiduciary
Certified fiduciaries are regulated by the state.

9: Levies On Prepaid Rent
Is prepayment of rent subject to a creditor's levy?

10: Will Your Debtor Use California CCP 3432?
What if the California debtor is a company that uses CCP 3432 ?