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Latest Articles

1: Judgment Feast Or Famine
Many working in the judgment business (even those with a business office) work it as a part-time business.

2: Judgment Contract Time Limits
In 2014, many recovery specialists and attorneys have shortened the minimum times before you could get your judgment assigned back.

3: Filing for Temporary Protective Order
Attorney Stacy Rocheleau discusses the process for filing for a temporary protective order in Las Vegas, Nevada.

4: How To Screen Judgments
All judgments should be checked out thoroughly. This means checking that the judgment itself is valid, that the debtor might have some assets, and the creditor themselves are reasonable.

5: Returning Lemon Judgments
Some of those lemons will pay off over time. The economy could change, or the debtor could inherit something, or get a job or a bank account one day.

6: Judgment Home Office
If you cannot get a commercial space, then you might not get the best data.

7: Service By Publication
When a default judgment was served by publication only, it is very easy for the debtor to later claim they never got notice of the lawsuit, and then vacate (overturn) the judgment against them.

8: Update: Sixth Circuit Reverses Decision On Licensing Distinction Governing Sale and Distribution of Liquor In Kentucky
Jan 15th: Sixth Circuit reversed the decision of the Western District of KY which previously found that the statute and regulation permitting pharmacies to sell liquor and wine failed rational-basis review under the Equal Protection Clause.

9: Protecting Your Business From Frivolous Lawsuits
Frivolous lawsuits are filed almost every day. If your business has been the subject of a frivolous suit, you have probably spent considerable amounts of time and money in its defense.

10: Kentucky's Archaic Liquor Licensing Distinctions Face Modernization
In a case titled Maxwell's Pic-Pac, Inc. v. Dehner, a federal judge held that certain distinctions governing the sale and distribution of liquor in Kentucky were unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.