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Latest Articles

1: Service By Publication
When a default judgment was served by publication only, it is very easy for the debtor to later claim they never got notice of the lawsuit, and then vacate (overturn) the judgment against them.

2: Update: Sixth Circuit Reverses Decision On Licensing Distinction Governing Sale and Distribution of Liquor In Kentucky
Jan 15th: Sixth Circuit reversed the decision of the Western District of KY which previously found that the statute and regulation permitting pharmacies to sell liquor and wine failed rational-basis review under the Equal Protection Clause.

3: Protecting Your Business From Frivolous Lawsuits
Frivolous lawsuits are filed almost every day. If your business has been the subject of a frivolous suit, you have probably spent considerable amounts of time and money in its defense.

4: Kentucky's Archaic Liquor Licensing Distinctions Face Modernization
In a case titled Maxwell's Pic-Pac, Inc. v. Dehner, a federal judge held that certain distinctions governing the sale and distribution of liquor in Kentucky were unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.

5: Raising A Glass To Community Entertainment Districts
Like most states, Ohio and Kentucky place quota restrictions on the type and number of liquor licenses that may be issued in a certain geographical area.

6: Distilling Kentucky's New Alcohol Laws: The Impact of Senate Bill 13
Last summer, the Kentucky General Assembly's landmark legislation surrounding liquor licensing came into effect. Senate Bill 13 (SB13) overhauled the process for gaining a liquor license in the Commonwealth.

7: "Light Duty" Landmines - A Workers' Compensation Overview
Few areas in workers compensation law are more potentially explosive than the "light duty" or "modified duty" situation. Here are just a few of the maxims to remember when confronted with a light duty.

8: Community Property Versus Equitable Distribution
Nine state use equitable distribution to divide property and debt during a divorce. Other states use community property laws to divide property. Stacy Rocheleau discusses the community property law that is used in Las Vegas, Nevada.

9: Value Engineering: The Great Balancing Act
Exceeding the construction budget is every project owner's worst nightmare. Value Engineering (VE) is one common alternative. VE balances cost with function.

10: Commercial Real Estate Purchasers - Be Diligent With Your Due Diligence
It is important for the purchaser of commercial real estate purchases to be aware of the terms of the agreement. One of the most critical terms is the deadline by which the purchaser must complete its due diligence for the property.